The intrinsic value of our chapter lies not only in the expertise of the project management field but also in the fostering of collaborative partnerships with other likeminded organizations. Building alliances between professional associations creates a network of shared knowledge, enriches collective wisdom, resources, and cultivate an environment of mutual support and innovation. The synergy derived from these partnerships allows professionals to tackle complex challenges more comprehensively and adapt to evolving industry landscapes with agility.
In a world where interdisciplinary approaches are increasingly crucial, the value of professional associations building partnerships with their counterparts cannot be overstated. This collaborative spirit not only strengthens the individual organizations involved but also contributes to the advancement and resilience of entire industries.

Invitation to Collaborate

We extend a warm invitation to organizations and associations keen on fostering collaborative endeavors to reach out and explore the possibilities of mutually beneficial partnerships. At PMI Rio Grande Chapter, we believe in the power of collective expertise and the synergies that arise when like-minded associations join forces.

Whether you share a common industry focus or bring complementary skills to the table, we are eager to engage in discussions that lead to innovative collaborations. If your association shares our dedication to excellence, growth, and the pursuit of industry-wide impact, we welcome you to connect with us.

Together, let's embark on a journey of shared success and elevated achievements. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our VP of Outreach, Breanne Hzrich at to initiate a conversation and explore the exciting possibilities that collaboration can unlock.

Our Partnerships

PMI New Mexico is proud to share we have established alliances with the following organizations providing shared events providing members with greater opportunities and access to resources.

  • Albuquerque Quality Network (AQN) – PMI New Mexico and AQN are pleased to provide collaborative educational events, enabling members from both organizations to participate at exclusive member rates. AQN Leadership can provide AQN Members with a PMIRGC discount code in order to register for any PMIRGC events.