Military Outreach Program

Did you know that Project Management is a great career choice for transitioning military members?

Your experience serving our country has already given you a firm foundation for launching your Project Management career, and we are excited to help!

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Job Opportunities:  The demand for project managers is high. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) expects 22 million new project management job openingsthrough 2027.
  • Choice of Industry:  Project managers—and the leadership they bring—are needed in a wide variety of industries, such as IT, business services, oil and gas, finance and insurance, manufacturing, construction, and utility industries—all over the world.
  • Fair Compensation:  Salaries for project managers are competitive. According to Glassdoor, the national average entry-level project manager salaryis above $60,000.
  • Skills Acquisition:  Project management provides a wide array of opportunities to learn about new fields, add to your professional skill set, and increase your value in the job market.
  • Career Advancement:  Project management offers plenty of opportunities for advancement. Highly experienced, specialized, certified project managers can expect to see double the entry-level salary—or more.
  • Making a Difference:  Project managers not only directly impact morale and the company’s bottom line, but also have the personal and professional satisfaction of seeing projects through from start to finish under their leadership.
  • Leadership Training:  Some consider project management to be CEO training. Both roles have similar challenges and requirements: working with and for investors, project teams, and clients—as well as dealing with many of the same pressures and financial restraints.

The PMI NM Rio Grande Chapter Military Outreach Program can help!

In addition to the existing benefits of a PMI membership, we also offer the following services and resources to help you get started on your new career path:

  • Mentoring through our local chapter
  • Collaboration within a global professional organization
  • Community relationships, with an emphasis on strengthening diversity
  • Certification application assistance for all PMI certifications
  • Discounts for global events
  • Job Board and other career resources
  • Training and educational resources, including discounts
  • Expanded networking and information exchange
  • Volunteer opportunities

Click HERE to learn more about how the Project Management Institute (PMI®) supports veterans and active military members.

Contact us today, and let’s get started!

If you have additional questions, would like to learn more, or you’re ready to start moving forward, please contact us at or We are excited to work with you!

Don’t see what you need or have an idea about other ways we can serve you? Please let us know. We are always working to create solutions for our military members and would love to get your feedback on how to improve our program.