Academic Outreach

At PMIRGC, we place immense value on engaging with academia as a dynamic partner in the continuous evolution of project management practices. Through this engagement, our chapter aims to create a mutually enriching environment where academia and industry converge to shape the future of project management.

Within the academic realm, the field of project management has garnered increasing attention and recognition as a dynamic and interdisciplinary domain. Academia views project management not merely as a set of technical skills, but as a multifaceted discipline that intertwines leadership, strategy, communication, and innovation.

By forging collaborations with local higher education institutions, we not only contribute to the academic discourse surrounding project management but also actively participate in nurturing the next generation of project management professionals.

University of New Mexico

Anderson School of Management (ASM) is one of the elite 6% of business schools worldwide to hold AACSB accreditation. And in 2021, this flagship college at UNM launched a Master of Science in Project Management program. Spearheaded by Distinguished Professor, Steve Walsh, PhD, this cohort-based program is focused on students interested in an advanced career position in project controls, project management, technology project management, program management and/or technology program management.

Our chapter members are engaged at many levels supporting this new graduate study through participating on advisory boards, alignment with PMI requirements for the PMP Certification, to student support, student membership and career events.

Student Engagement

Outreach efforts include: