Upcoming PMIRGC PDU Events - October 16 @ Top Golf

Ways of Working

The methods of self-learning through Leadership as taught by PMI can be used to grow personally as a Project Manager and Leader. Tim Jerome will share, demonstrate, and challenge the audience with tools to not only learn oneself, but encourage teams and stakeholders to learn how to adapt throughout the next very challenging decades.


Presentation Objectives:

1. Using effective methods of discipline, continuous improvement, and self-learning to constantly adapt to career and project challenges.

2. How to encourage and engage stakeholders and team in continuous improvement through self-learning.

3. Demonstration of models and methods the audience can take from the discussion and immediately apply in their work environment.                                                                                                                                                 

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Evening Pathways & PDUs

Type of activity: Ways of Working

Date: October 16th, 2023

Hour: 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Number of PDUs: 1


Students: $20.00

Members: $25.00

Non members: $35.00


Top Golf @ Skybox Lounge