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Mentorship Program

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide,” and our Mentorship and Careers program is designed with that definition in mind. PMIRGC's program is organic in nature and is designed to support the development of a mentor/mentee relationship that meets the needs of the mentee, the Mentor, and the Chapter as a result.

For the Mentor

For the Mentee

Tim Jerome, Professional Project Management Trainer, PMP Prep mentor, coach and advisor, is hosting a Sunday afternoon Zoom meeting that provides PMIRGC members an opportunity to ask questions and engage (or re-engage) with the Project Management Guide and Standard (PMBOK). This is an ongoing discussion, which selects topics by consensus and provides VERY deep dives into concepts, details, and perceived dilemmas that are exposed as you prepare for your certification.


So if you are currently preparing, or if you have prepared and you’d like return to preparing for the PMP exam, go to the Events calendar and register to join Tim on Sundays.


All sessions will be capped at 30 participants, and based on need, more sessions can be opened. So, whether you are preparing for your PMP, want to kick-start your preparation you set aside previously, or you have your PMP, please contact  We’ll answer your questions, send you an invite to join the discussion, or contact you for a brainstorming session – whatever you need.