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Career Development: A Five-Part-Series

Presented by Randi Krueger
Multiple formats available!  Choose from Virtual Online - instructor led (you can interact with the instructor and other attendees), or you may watch a standalone recording on your own time!

Personal Inventory - 1 Leadership PDU

This topic will explore considerations for determining your target job and taking personal inventory of the skills and values you consider important to landing that job.  Participants are encouraged to reflect inwardly and take stock of the truths that define them as individuals. Also, to gain a clearer understanding of their strengths and the areas they want to develop.

Career Planning - 1 Leadership PDU

This topic will explore the importance of setting career goals and how you can turn your current environment in to an environment that serves your future interests.  Participants are encouraged to create/update their career plan. Participants will come away from this session armed with information concerning the importance of career planning, understanding what they are tolerating that is impacting career goal fulfillment, and putting together an action plan.

Professional Profile - 1 Leadership PDU

This topic will explore how to develop and present a professional profile. The emphasis of this session is on the popular tool, LinkedIn. Participants are encouraged to create/update their LinkedIn profile to better represent their career aspirations and the skills they possess. Also, to have a plan to incrementally improve their profile. Participants will properly emphasize project management skills in a social media setting, understand the skills required of PMs in various industries, and how to advertise skills and experience to prospective employers. 

Resume Writing - 1 Leadership PDU

This topic will explore how to write the best possible resume. Participants are required to come to this topic with a working resume that will be reviewed by peers. Participants are encouraged to apply feedback from their peers to better market themselves on their resumes.

Interviewing Strategies - 1 Leadership PDU

This topic will draw on your professional profile and resume in order to develop the story you intend to tell at an interview. Participants are encouraged to come away with a strong elevator pitch of the value they can bring to an employer and several stories they can use to answer behavioral interview questions.

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