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Morning Session - 8:00am-12:00pm

"Agile Team Rooms" - presented by Kathy Aragon and Alfred Lorber

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You’ve heard that working in an Agile team room increases collaboration, fosters a shared culture and increases team productivity.  So how do you design your own Agile team room to reap the benefits you want, especially in a post-COVID work environment?

The challenges are many. To begin, your designer may not understand the difference between an open office, a collaboration space or an Agile team room. Then, how do you know what will work and what won’t, and what the team members will like? Finally, how do you design an Agile team room with the resources and the space you currently own?

In this workshop we address these challenges and jump-start the planning of your Agile team room construction or remodeling project. We will give you practical advice, examples and a checklist to get started based on our combined twenty-year history of creating and living in dozens of team rooms. Our design experience spans the range from occupying an empty two-man office stuffed with six people, renovating conference rooms, repurposing large cubical farms, to designing and overseeing construction of several million-dollar renovations of existing spaces.

The workshop will include multiple breakout sessions where participants will have the opportunity to capture design decisions and build an action plan so they can get started right away.

You will come away with the following resources to help:

  • Team room design requirements from actual teams
  • Post construction survey results from teams
  • Getting-started checklist
  • Sample backlog for the design and implementation team
  • Your personal design decisions and action plan

Afternoon Session - 1:00pm-5:00pm

"Problem Framing - Staying on Track at the Beginning of the Roller Coaster" - presented by Matt Keihl

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This workshop will discuss how the facilitator recently led a non-profit from a draft problem statement to actionable objectives using Design Thinking as the front end to implementing Lean Startup and Agile Development methodologies. The approach incorporated some familiar Continuous Process Improvement tools as well as some templates and techniques borrowed from the innovation ecosystem, particularly MITRE’s Innovation Toolkit. Participants will be given a chance to practice and share ideas on team formation, prioritization, and research of existing solutions as key waypoints on your journey to implementing your plans. The methods and tools can be applied to any organization, whether you’re just starting or looking for a fresh way to approach strategic planning.

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