PMIRGC Presents All Day Training on Karate Project Management

“Karate Project Management: The PM Skills They Never Taught You”

Presented by Amin Leiman, PMP


It is an all day fun workshop filled with hands-on exercises that reflect real-life high performance projects’ challenges. Participants will be taught the KPM© Seven Bodies of Knowledge as the core foundation of managing a project “energy” and its related constraints. Additionally, KPM provides the tools to succeed in project based on the principles of grounding, balancing, anticipating, harmonizing, reflecting, progressing, and resetting. Consequently, participants will be able to better handle projects’ FUD factors: Fear, Uncertainties, and Doubt. These factors include misdirection, unexpected delays, detours, complications, and unpleasant discoveries.

There are seven bodies of knowledge that will be shared in this experiential workshop:

  1. Project Energy Management,
  2. Project Emotional Management,
  3. Project Total Awareness Management,
  4. Project Harmony Management,
  5. Project Reflective Management,
  6. Project Continuous Improvement Management,
  7. Project Reset Management

The ultimate goal is to manage our "project energy" so we could "arrive" uninjured at the end of our project. By embracing the KPM mindset and skills, we could apply all these seven bodies of knowledge to create a state of "knowing" in order to manage our project risks effectively.

Who Should Attend this Karate Project Management Workshop?

  • Those who want to turn on and use their minds and bodies in the most powerful and advantageous way
  • Those who want to enhance their project management skills
  • Those who want a creative perspective on their leadership style
  • Those who want to shape their behavior to be an effective contributor to their organization
  • Those who want to gain knowledge and explore new ways of appreciating our limited energy


When: Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Where: Sandia Resort & Casino
Early Bird Cost (before October 11th:

$450 members -use code early2member50

$600 non-members - use code early2nonmember50

Cost (after October 11th:

$500 members

$650 non-members

PDUs: 8

For more information or questions, please contact Dana Roberson at or call 505-410-5310 or contact Stacy Snyder at