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Let me tell you a fireside story...

Mentoring Program

A group of travelers are washed up on shore of a strange land. They’re alone, with only what they can carry. They band together, if only to share warmth.

These travelers decide to work together to share food and build a community of safety; by day they work, and in the evenings, they tell each other stories to keep their spirits up. In time, the community becomes strong, and they discover they have a culture. They decide to spread that culture, and send groups out to other lands, to duplicate what they did.

The story is PMI’s story – it’s ours, it’s us. In 1969, we banded together and started to weave our fire-side stories into a code of ethics and a standard framework of Project Management – the Body of Knowledge. The local chapters of PMI became the small groups sent off to the far-away lands. And the community grows.

Our community has just taken the next step in its growth. In 2015, PMI released the Talent Triangle. In this document, PMI stated that it’s not enough to understand and promote Technical Project Management (the Project Management Framework). We must invest deeply in understanding business and Leadership. In 2017, PMI then released the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide and Standard. The new Guide introduced and illuminated these new concepts in concise, easy-to-understand material. And this June, PMI released the updated Exam Content Outline.

By releasing this Exam Content Outline, PMI states that the PMP exam will be challenging aspirants not only on the Framework of Project Management but the components of Leadership and business. In the coming weeks and months, I and others will be sharing thoughts and questions on what PMI is providing us to develop our community.

This is US. This is who and what and why we are. It’s not the last chapter in our story; in many ways, it’s the first. We  invite, and even implore you to join us in the next chapters and guarantee that as you grow and learn, what we share is founded in our code of ethics, what is good and right, and know that together, we will build and leave something our children, families and society can be proud of.


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