About the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF)

  • Mission - To inspire and empower people to realize their potential and transform their lives and their communities through the use of project management knowledge.
  • Vision - All people worldwide have a better tomorrow by applying project management skills in their daily lives.

Toward the achievement of its vision and aligned with its mission, PMIEF has three core areas of focus:

  • Nonprofits and NGOS - PMIEF seeks to magnify the power of Non-profits and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in delivering their missions through the application of project management.
  • Youth - PMIEF’s fastest growing program area seeks to change the way children learn, live and plan for the future through knowledge and application of project management. PMIEF’s work in this area is largely carried out through the creation and dissemination of project management related educational resources to primary and secondary school teachers.
  • Workforce -PMIEF strives to build a better-prepared workforce through academic and professional development scholarships as well as student and professional awards.

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